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Do you supply all of your own equipment?

Yes. All equipment and music is company owned and maintained. We require two 6' x 3' skirted tables, but if space is a concern, we can utilize one table.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use only professional, industry standard, DJ equipment. Each system is enclosed in a console, and includes lights and a wireless microphone.

How are your Disc Jockeys trained?

Each Disc Jockey goes through an extensive, nationally recognized 80 hour training course. Combined with on the job trainings, Desert DJs are the best trained DJs in the Southwest. The ages of the DJs range from early 20s through 40s.

Can we meet our disc jockey?

Absolutely! Our showcases are the perfect place for you to chat with our Disc Jockeys. Ask us about our next one!

How much do you help to coordinate events?
This is our strong suit. We have found over the years that many, events need a little guidance. We help "host" the event by working with your caterer, photographer and other professionals to keep all your guests entertained and involved. From pouring champagne to arranging special dances, we contribute quite a bit to how smoothly things flow.

Do you play requests?

Of course! Each client receives a Songlist and many clients go over our list with a highlighter pen and make special notations of must-play songs. We also play requests from your guests at the event by providing them with a complete Songbook with over 3,000 titles.

What if you don't have a song we want?

It is unlikely that we wouldn't have a request of yours in our extensive library, but if we don't we'll try to get it!

Do you always wear tuxedos?

Our standard attire for most events is formal tuxedo. However, if you would like the Disc Jockey to dress differently, just let us know.
Can you provide lighting and special effects?

Yes. Each of our packages come with various lighting effects, from simply colored ambiance to extravagant intelligent lighting effects. We also have available, bubble machines, confetti canons, and party giveaways.

Can you supply us with a few referrals?

After every event, we send out an evaluation form and ask for feedback on our performance. We would be happy to send you a few on request. Perhaps the best source of referrals would be from other professionals that have worked with Desert DJs in the past. Ask your caterer, photographer, banquet hall manager, or call us and we will supply you with names.

Can you play music to entertain all the guests?

That's exactly what we do! Every Disc Jockey has the ability to "read the crowd" and select a mix of music that will touch upon everyone there.

Do you take breaks?

No. From the time the Disc Jockey begins, there are no breaks in the entertainment.

What if our DJ gets sick or has an accident?

We always have additional personnel and equipment on call just in case of illness or something unforeseen. We realize how important we are to the success of your event and we are very careful not to take chances.

Do you have back-up equipment?

We always have an on-call person with back-up gear and music available

How far in advance do we need to book?

Most clients book their event on average 4-6 months in advance. However, on occasion we book dates as late as a couple of weeks ahead of time.

Do you play from Compact Discs?

Yes. We have found their ease of use and great sound quality is perfect for all events. Each sound system also has the capability to play cassette tapes. 

Can we use our credit card to pay for your services?

Yes! We will happily accept your Visa or MasterCard towards payment of our services. We also welcome your personal or business check.

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